Holiday Offering by Soeng Hyang-Bobby

How do we live in a world that often seems to be getting more and more confused and destructive? How do we stay centered, focus on our Vow to get enlightenment and help others to do the same? Do we stop listening to the national and international news? Do we increase the hours of our formal practice, go to more retreats? What are the answers, how can we maneuver in our current existence? How can we “deepen” our wisdom?

Great Faith, Great Courage, Great Question all need to be realized each moment of our day. The ability to access these three abilities totally depends on effort and vow, and the effort and vow comes from the ability to access. If that sounds like a circle, it’s because it is. The circle is our breath, our wisdom, our innate Buddha nature.

So in this time of increased darkness in the Northern hemisphere, both literally and karmically, let us all access our Great Round Circle, our continuous breath. Consciously allow your attention to enter all of the events that offer themselves to you. Breathe each thing in with curiosity and warmth, knowing that your ability to digest it all lies right there with every inhalation.

Let’s remember that we are all Buddhas, that we are all capable of embracing the confusion and pain. Embrace it with your warmth, unconditionally. Ask how you can help and be willing to be perhaps confused and frightened. We are all on this earth of ours for one purpose, and not a moment needs to go by when we don’t remember this. What is this purpose, how can we help?

With Total Gratitude for Our Wonderful Sangha,

Soeng Hyang-Bobby