Commitment To Practice by Carlos Montero JDPSN

I’m sure that everybody here has had some type of personal story, that’s why you keep coming. Sometimes we make excuses, “well I’m too busy, well, I have a job, well, I have to take care of my kids.” All of that is fine, but how do you do something about it? How do you first attain that we are not our thinking, that we’re not our karma, that we’re not the things that come and go, cultivate that realization so that, by itself some great love, compassion and wisdom can appear. Then perhaps if we encounter somebody in need we can give ourselves to them and help them to be free. Then, they in turn can pursue their own path and attain themselves.

So, if you’re here, what do you do from now on?

By Carlos Montero JDPSN
Excerpt from Inka Speech
Published by Primary Point Summer 2015, Volume 32, Number 2